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November 7, 2008

Clothing Secrets & Glitches

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 The New Shovel Pins here, Go to the Forest to get it.



On the first page of the clothing catalog, click the center of the top snowflake for a pink pom pom.


Press the tip of the pine tree on the second page for a Russian hat.


On the text page, click the penguin that is hiding to take a red viking helmet. Do this 4 times for a blue.


Once again, turn the page and press the second star of the second row for the black superhero mask.


Flip some pages and click the N in “Shoe Collection” for a black scuba mask. (Notice it looks like the ninja mask and activates on the letter, “N”!


Turn to the clearence and yet again we click an “N” for mixed bracelets.


AND AGAIN click the “N” on the next page for a jade necklace.


In the wig catalog, press the spikester for the spikette.


Dojo Damaged & Upcoming Events

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Crews are working hard to repair the Dojo, that was damaged during the lightning storm. You can lend a flipper by heading on up to the Dojo, and picking up a free miners helmet.


On November 7th, serious new styles will be released at the Gift Shop. (Penguin Style and Wigs Catalog.)


On November 21st, a new play starts at the stage.


Peguin Style Sneak Peak

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There’s some great clothing coming out this Friday in Penguin Style, and also new wigs in the Wigs catalog, some exciting stuff you’ll be able to get for your penguin to help celebrate the winter season! Here’s a sneak peek.


Fireworks Celebration

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Fireworks are being shot off at the Ski Hill, and Iceberg. Be sure to check them out.


August 26, 2008

contest for this website& homie1124

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sorry guys i havent been posting i am givin away homie1124 and this website. 😦

so homie1124 is a member and if u win you either will get homie1124 a member

or this websitand homie1124 is like 600 and somtin days old

1st place is homie1124 and 2nd place is the website

good luck every body comment the most and u can wim

P.S. have your email in some of your comments!

July 26, 2008

New stuff on Clubpengunin

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lets start with the new stuff on Clubpenguin,

to get the back stage pass to the V.I.P Room, go the the Snow Forts and click on the rock catolog.  YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO GET THE BACK STAGE PASS, or any of the shirts 😦 The pass costs 50 coins.

Available at the Snow Forts

and there is a Music Jam T-Shirt located in the Plaza:

  looks like  =(click for more bigger)

3rd item, Miracas

  This item is free at the Cove.

At the Dock, there is a backstage. It is only available to members though.

When you go backstage, there is a music catalog where you can buy different music instruments.

Here is what the catalog looks like. Click for full size to see it better.

There is also a cheat in the new catalog. Click the top of the letter “I” to get the Electric Guitar.

And don’t forget about the new game that came out a couple days ago in the Night Club. It is called DJ3K. In the game, the objective is to have the best beat. The better the beat is, the more coins you will earn. Good luck! Also, don’t forget to check out some other cool things in different rooms!

Also,Any place you go in with a stage,this little button will appear to the bottom left.Try Clicking it!


July 9, 2008

Features are ready too launch

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Club Penguin is in the last stages of releasing all the wonderful CPIP features. It might be releaesd all at the end of the week!

Here is some features that will be releasing!

  • New server selection (recommended servers and buddies easier to find)
  • Igloo background!
  • Penguin Mail (sending and receiving postcards improved) 
  • Player Card update (sorting items by category)

Club Penguin thanks for everyones feedback about the features! 😉

New future sneak peek of Penguin mail

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Hello Everyone,

Today the new clothing catalog was released. If you don’t know what the clothing catalog is, do the following:

1. Log on to Club Penguin.
2. If not already, go to map, and click TOWN.
3. Walk into the Gift Shop.
4. Click the bottom clothing catalog in the bottom right corner of the room.

Here’s the catalog:


Here are the new items:

1. Supernova Suit…$850
2. Microphone…$250
3. Dazzle Dress…$600
4. Stardust Slippers…$200
5. Pink Pop Music Shirt…$200
6. Pink Electric Guitar…$600
7. Pink Sneakers…$250
8. Orange Rocker Shirt…$200
9. Spikester Cuffs…$170
10. Orange Sneakers…$250
11. Black Cowboy Shirt…$350
12. Black Cowboy Hat…$250
13. Sunburst Acoustic Guitar…$750
14. Cowboy Boots…$300
15. Cowgirl Hat…$250
16. Pink Cowgirl Shirt…$300

Here are the secrets:

1. Click the Yellow Puffle on the belt on the Supernova Suit for the Red Viking Helmet. Open it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet.
2. Click on the Middle of the Diver’s Suit for the Diver’s Helmet.
3. Click on the first tabard (it’s green) for the woodmans hat.

4. Click on the Emerald Hat for the Crystal Staff.
5. Click on the Green Rubber Boots to get the Cheesy Necktie.
6. Click on the Spikester for the Spikette.

And last but not least, the Penguin Mail Spoiler! Here it is:



July 2, 2008

4th of July Fireworks

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i know it is not 4th of July yet but there are fireworks all over clubpenguin

and here are some pictures of were they are:

go on cp and find them!

and there is a new catologe at the gift shop really coolstuff go check it out!

and sence i have been gone my membership has expired so i am an unmember or what ever they call it.

sorry i have been gone!


P.S. i am goin camping this week so i will be gone for like 2 weeks

June 24, 2008

mission 8

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Mission 8 Guide To The HQ

1. Talk To G. And He Will Talk To Alot!
2. Go To The DOck. And Talk To Herebet P The Polar Bear.
3. Once The Crab And The Bear Leaves Pick Up The Light Near The Hole. And Then Go To The HQ And Talk TO G
4. Now Then Go To The Town And Follow The Pieces Of Paper. One Will Be At The Night Club And The Other One Will Be Going To The Snow Forts.
5. Go To The Snowforts And Click On The Paper That Is On The Fort! Then It Will Fly To The Plaza
6. The Picece Of Paper Will Be On A Penguin’s Newspaper Talk To Him And He Will Want A Pizza.
7. Go To The Pizza Parlor. And Talk To The Pizza Penguin! Get The Pizza And Give It To Him!
8. Once You Give It To Him He Will Give You The Newspaper Click On It And It Will Be Sepreated!
9. Now Go To The Coffee Shop And Help The Penguin To Pick Up All The Cookies. Once You Done That You Get a Cookie!
10. Now Go To The Lighthouse And Get A Box Of Ballons And A Barrel Of Soda! Do Not Shake The Soda!
11. Now Take A Fishing Net Near The Ligthouse
12. After Go To The Sports Shop And Get A Pile Of Tacks! Near The Cashier
13. Now Go To The HQ And Go Inside The Gadget Room, While Your There Get The Brown Feodora Fat In The Left Side Of G. After You Got It get The Brown Hammer In The Right Side Of G! Next To The Wrench
14. Now Go To The Town And Give The Hat To The Green Puffle After Give The Cookie To THe Green Puffle!
15. Now The Green Puffle Will Proppeler Up To The Night Club Which The map Will Fall And Move Your Cursor Over It And Click On It!
16. Now Put The Two Pieces Of Map Together And It Will Show You The Way.
17. Now After Go To The Gadget Room In The HQ And Then Go To The Left Side And Click On The Super helium And Talk To G If You Can Use It!
18. Once You Done That Go Back To The Town. And Now make A Ballon With The Super helium And Put It Near The Gift Shop. Now Grab The Net And Put It Under The Gift Shop Once Done, You Put THe Tacks You Got From The Sports On The Net! Then Use Your Hammer That You Got From The Gadget Room And Put The Hammer Near The Tacks!
19. Then You Fixed The Girt Shop Then After Go TO The Dock And Go In The Cave Use The Map That You Combined.
20. Then You Will See Herebet’s Machine. Click On Your Spy Phone And Click On The Wrench THen Put It On The Bolt On The Machine And Then Get The Sliver Bolt That’s For The Snow Forts Clock
21. Once You DO That Go In THe Gift Shop U Will See Herbert Click On Him And You Will Hear Him Blabber!
22. He Escaped! Now Fix The Boiling Thingy From Ends Up To Down.
23. G Will Call You To Come And Get The HQ no
24: now get Your Prize And Award! Soon! Enoguh You Finished Mission 8!

Heres a vid by Edlu:

and guides for more mission click here!


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