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July 26, 2008

New stuff on Clubpengunin

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lets start with the new stuff on Clubpenguin,

to get the back stage pass to the V.I.P Room, go the the Snow Forts and click on the rock catolog.  YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO GET THE BACK STAGE PASS, or any of the shirts 😦 The pass costs 50 coins.

Available at the Snow Forts

and there is a Music Jam T-Shirt located in the Plaza:

  looks like  =(click for more bigger)

3rd item, Miracas

  This item is free at the Cove.

At the Dock, there is a backstage. It is only available to members though.

When you go backstage, there is a music catalog where you can buy different music instruments.

Here is what the catalog looks like. Click for full size to see it better.

There is also a cheat in the new catalog. Click the top of the letter “I” to get the Electric Guitar.

And don’t forget about the new game that came out a couple days ago in the Night Club. It is called DJ3K. In the game, the objective is to have the best beat. The better the beat is, the more coins you will earn. Good luck! Also, don’t forget to check out some other cool things in different rooms!

Also,Any place you go in with a stage,this little button will appear to the bottom left.Try Clicking it!




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