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June 14, 2008


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the all new contest is here because i have cpmac i am goin to give away homie1124!

and i will be on cpmac and when i quit  ill do another contest i will give away cpmac

so im just giveing away homie1124  right now and u know ll the things he has beta hat and all that but if u have over 90,000 hits and i add me as an admin http://clubcppenguin@gmail.com i will give u homie1124 and cpmac!

like joshsicool.

start commenting for homie1124!

see ya,



water party!

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Hey guys! I’m Toronto also known as Cabluey. The Water Party has decorations similar to last year, and loads of items!

You can find the returning Yellow Inflatable Duck at the Cove.

You can find another returning item, the Ice Cream Apron at the Plaza.

The Last Free Item is a new one called a Shell Necklace. Find it at the Beach.

There is also a new room for the Party. Go to the Ice Berg and walk right.

The new room has a giant whale! Here is a picture of it (Click to Enlarge).

Also, there is a new Stage Update with a new Catalog! Click Here to view the Catalog.

The theme is called “The Penguins That Time Forgot.” The stage is decorated differently.

There are a lot of good updates! The Water Party Decorations are really good.



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yes okay guys cpmac the penguin is now out!

i probally did not tell u about him but he is one of my ultimate betas!

and i have just unbanned him!

if u quit im only going to give cpmac out not right now though.

he is almost 1000 days old!

when he is im goin to have a party!

alright see ya guys!

and check out the new water party!


June 12, 2008


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Hey guys! Cp just made a new comic and also made an update to the fun stuff page!

Heres the new comic that just been released.

(Click for full size)

Also fun stuff has been updated on cp’s website with some new flash features, Heres a pic.

                           -MISSION 8 THE SPOILER

Hey guys. There is some new information on mission 8 now. I have all the mission walk troughs, and I’ll have this one too!CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

Club Penguin Mission 8

This is a picture of something that will be in mission 8. What do you think it will be? Comment and tell me!

see ya next time


June 10, 2008


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wweadam, supposed, and gator 360 are throwing a summer kick off party! This will be the first party hosted by G.W.A. There’s a few problems and we need your help to solve them!

Before we start talking about the things in the party, I want to tell you about a contest I’m having. For everyone who arrives at the party, some lucky members will receive prizes!

  • 25 penguins added to my (Wwe Adam’s) buddy list. Probably over 15 added to Gator360 and Supposed2 (Supposed).
  • 5 Penguins mentioned on the site, and what I liked about them.
  • 1 lucky penguin featured as a player card in the party video!

Here’s the information for the party.

It’s a little blurry, so if you can’t read it here’s the information.

When: Saturday, June 14, 2008. 1 club penguin time. (PST)

Where: Frozen. Mystery igloo.

So wait, what do I mean by mystery igloo? I mean, you guys get to vote on the igloo you want! Here’s the official video for voting. Once you watch it, there will be links LITERALLY IN THE VIDEO. You can click the igloo you choose!

June 9, 2008

CP Mac needs more viewers

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 You won’t get betas for it but im gonna start something we will do 500 comments to see if he’ll come back to show him that people like him. REMBER COMMENT TO TELL CP MAC TO NOT QUIT

~Oreo 8000~



New Author

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It’s Oreo 8000 and I’m a new author on CP Mac’s awesome site. Cool 🙂


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I noticed that the ACP was fighting the Golds TONIGHT. Since the DMA declared war against the Golds, this can be the war starting battle. Here is the info:

DAY: Monday, June 9.
TIME: 3:00pm PST
——6:00pm Eastern
——5:00pm Central
——4:00pm Mountain
——3:00pm Pacific
SERVER: Frozen, UK.
ROOM: Snowforts.
WHO: ACP & DMA vs. Golds

If you can join the battle, join it. But it would be a little easier if you joined the DMA first, besides we need more troops. WAR AGAINST THE GOLD BEGINS TONIGHT!!!


i quit

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i quit because im not getting any hits and i am not giving away the betas if u get 20 people on i will stay and not quit and give away more betas!


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if u dont start getting like 10 people on at one time i will quit so if any of u post my site u will get a free beta!

so start posting!


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